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Anaphylaxis Awareness Training / Epipen & Jext Training

Anaphylaxis Awareness Training / Epipen, Emerade & Jext Training

The aim of this short course is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of anaphylaxis and the administration of auto-injectors such as Epipen and Jext.

Who should attend

  • People responsible for the care of a person with Anaphylaxis

Course syllabus

  • Recognition of Anaphylaxis
  • First Aid Treatment of Anaphylaxis
  • Administration of an auto-injector (Epipen, Emerade & Jext)
  • Preparing for the inclusion of the anaphylactic person

Course duration

  • 2 hours (excluding breaks)


  • Continuous assessment by trainer


  • A MGM Training certificate which is valid for one year, will be awarded on successful completion of the course

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